Makeup Revolution | Give Them Nightmares Eyeshadow Palette

Monday, 20 October 2014

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette
One of Makeup Revolutions newest releases is this beautifully dark and mysterious Give Them Nightmares Eyeshadow Palette * -link which coincides perfectly with Halloween! The 18 shades in the palette are a mixture of shimmer and matte formulas which are great for creating a whole host of looks whether you’re dressing up or just love a smokey eye. 

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette
The Halloween theme runs through the entire palette from the creepily named eyeshadows to the colour selection which is predominately purples, navy and green shades. Very vampy! The packaging is in true Makeup Revolutions style with its sleek and shiny black casing. It also has a decent sized mirrored lid which is perfect for touching up on the go.
makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches
The shimmer shades dominate the palette (12 in total) which Makeup Revolution excels at. The majority of them have minimal fall out and amazing pigmentation. The black shades Beyond The Night and Friday 13th are some of the blackest I have seen from a high street brand. The stand out shimmer shades for me are Who’s There- a  stunning  plum purple, I’m Watching You- a rich royal  purple, and Wicked- a striking emerald green. Lethal and Pretty Zombie are a little harder to work with than the others.  The matte shades are definitely worth mentioning even though they do vary in pigmentation and are a little on the powdery side. They are essential for crease colours and blending! The most impressive of the 6 are Ash and Darkness.
Overall, Makeup Revolution have created yet another exciting and unique eyeshadow palette. Even though this is a themed Halloween palette, it’s still great for anyone who loves to wear a smokey eye or gravitates towards these sorts of shades. Purples are one of my favourite colours after browns so I will be reaching for them when I fancy something a bit different.  The shade Wicked  looks so pretty as a pop of colour under the lower lash line and really brings brown eyes to life! The pigmentation differs between the shimmer and matte shades but for just £6 for 18 eyeshadows, you can hardly complain. Makeup Revolution have a huge selection of palettes to choose from so even if the colours in this particular one aren’t up your street, I would urge you to try any of their other offerings.
It’s hard to believe that the brand launched only six months ago as they’re constantly bringing out new products. I’m always so excited to see what’s coming next!

Redken | Clear Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Monday, 29 September 2014

Are there any other girls out there who hate washing their hair? I find the whole process very laborious which is why I probably have the most basic hair care regime out there; shampoo, conditioner and maybe if I'm feeling fancy a hair oil or serum. Job done. I am also incredibly fussy when it comes to shampoo and conditioners as I despise anything that leaves any trace of residue in my hair. I have always stuck to my favourite shampoo Tresemme Deep Cleanse which is a great affordable clarifying shampoo and leaves my hair feeling really clean and fresh.

Recently I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new with the Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. The Clear Moisture range is aimed at normal to dry hair types which has an ultra-light Micro Moisture Complex to help restore, rebalance, and retain optimum moisture without adding weight to the hair. I must admit the 25% off on FeelUnique also helped my decision to try something new!

 Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo (£9.90) -link

First up in the duo is the Shampoo which I have been using for a few weeks now and I can safely say this has replaced my good old Tresemme! The creamy texture lathers up quickly and with only a small amount covers my entire head (and I have VERY long hair!). I typically only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and this shampoo has done a great job at my making my hair feel really clean, lightweight and super shiny. The apricot oil present gives this shampoo a moisturising effect without being really heavy on my hair. For me this is the perfect combination of clarifying and moisturising in one shampoo! 

Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner (£10.85) -link

Lastly is the Conditioner which I have also loved using. The first time I used this in the shower the texture didn't make my hair feel particularly soft but once I had actually dried my hair I was pleasantly surprised. It gave the ends and length of my hair a glossy shine and felt nourished and soft.
Overall, my first Redken experience has been a great success and I can safely say that I haven't used anything else on my hair since! The Clear Moisture range delivered everything that I wanted it to and I have been really happy with the results. Not to mention the scent of both these products is delicious and makes me feel like I've been to the salon! The Tresemme Deep Cleanse I used previously just doesn't give enough moisture back to my hair whereas this does both. This is a great everyday shampoo for me and I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.
FeelUnique is a great place to get your hands on Redken products as they are always doing 25% off sales and are cheaper than the high street and salons.

Makeup Revolution Do Skin Care

Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup Revolution recently added skincare to their never ending product list. Is there anything this brand won't try their hand at? The two new products they have launched are the Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash and the Defence Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer. I was very kindly sent the products to try out for myself.

Makeup Revolution have always impressed me with the way they package their products and their skincare range is no exception. The white and gold packaging has a sort of luxe feel to it and looks lovely displayed in my bathroom. 

Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash (£10)*- link

The dual pump design combines a cleanser and toner into one making your skin care routine super simple. The foaming formula helps to combat excess oil and ultimately reduce breakouts and blemishes. My skin does feel really clean after using this but I did find that it dried my skin out as I have more of a dry skin type as opposed to oily. For those of you who do suffer from dry skin I would recommend giving this one a try!

Defence Anti Bacterial Serum And Primer (£10)*- link

I have really been loving this serum and primer in one! The infused formula is packed with vitamins A, B, B5 and E to help protect your skin from breakouts and act as a base. It has a thick and creamy texture and feels like a moisturiser which absorbs nicely into the skin leaving me with a smooth base to apply my makeup. I like the fact that it isn't your typical silicone based primer as they sometimes cling to dry patches on my skin. For just £10, this is a really great product and would definitely recommend this out of the two products and I think it would really well work for most skin types.
Once again Makeup Revolution deliver on price and quality. I'd love to see more products in their skincare line in the future.


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