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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Swatches and reviews on my recent Elf purchases!

For all the people who have never heard of Eyes Lips Face before (Elf for short) they are a cosmetic company who launched in New York in 2004 who aim to provide high quality cosmetics at low prices.
Many of their items start at just £1.50! So how are they able to do this? 
"by sourcing the best ingredients at competitive prices, and by using the Internet for branding rather than higher-priced advertising media"
Here in the UK Elf products are only sold online. When buying make-up online its sometimes difficult to predict the colour of the products. So for this reason i have decided to swatch and review my most recent purchases.
Elf recently had a 48% off sale for 48 hours on their entire make-up range. I only bought a small selection of products to try that appealed to me most. I bought a total of 8 items all from Elf's studio and mineral line which came to £32.50. With the discount and standard postage I only paid £19.85. 
So lets get on with the products...

Eyebrow Treat & Tame (Dark)

From Elf's studio line, a double ended tube containing containing a vitamin infused gel to stimulate hair follicles and make your eyebrow hair thicker. The other end is a brow mascara to keep your brow hair in place. Comes in 5 shades(£3.75)

Eyebrow Treat & Tame in dark
I was definitely impressed with the sleek design of this product. I love the feel of that slightly rubberised plastic (similar to NARS packaging) and in my opinion gives it a more expensive look. 

Brow mascara with spoolie applicator
I found the shape of the mascara wand disappointing  I felt like it hardly picked up any
product. The shape of the wand made it difficult to coat every hair. I think a tapered wand would have been a much better choice. As for the formula I thought it did a really good job of keeping my eyebrows in place all day without going crispy and flaky. I thought the pigmentation was okay but it could have been better. I don't think it made my brows more defined so I would always fill them in with a powder also. 

 Clear vitamin gel with brush applicator

The vitamin infused gel claims to condition and restore eyebrow hair. I liked the formulation of this its non greasy or sticky and it did leave my brow hairs feeling quite soft. I have only been using it for a week and have not seen any noticeable difference in the thickness of my brow hair or that they grow back quicker. However I will continue for the next month and see if I notice any change by then.

Cream Eyeliner (Coffee)

Another product from their Studio line that comes with a small angled liner brush. (£3.75)

Cream eyeliner with small angled liner brush included
I again really liked the packaging. Its simple and sleek. I liked the fact that it comes with a brush as it makes it less daunting for people who have never tried a cream liner before and dont know what style of brush to use or don't want to go and buy one incase they dont like it.

Cream eyeliner in colour coffee
The eyeliner comes in a glass pot with screw top lid containing 4.7g of product. When compared to MAC's fluid line you only get 3g of product for 3 times the price! In terms of value this product is on the money! 
I would describe coffee as a rich matte chocolatey brown with warm undertones. 

Swatch using the liner brush included
When I came to swatch it I found the consistency very creamy (hence the name!). The pigmentation was not amazing and I needed to load quite a lot onto the brush for a reasonable colour pay off.  It swatched quite streaky and even when I went over it with more product I thought it only made it worse.

For me personally I think this product would work better as an eye shadow base or to fill in eyebrows. There are 10 other colours in the cream liner range including some metallic finishes so this may only be a problem with this colour in particular. 

Lip Stain (Red Carpet)

From their studio line comes a dual ended tube containing a lip stain and clear gloss both with doe-foot applicator in 8 shades (£3.75)

Studio lip stain in red carpet
Again I’m a big fan of the packaging. It’s typical for the studio line products with the black plastic and white writing.  The tube slim and a good size fit to fit well in any sort of clutch bag which is ideal for a night out. 

Lip stain with doe-foot applicator
I chose the colour red carpet which I would describe as a dark reddish pink. I think the colour is true to the photo on Elf’s website. 

Clear gloss with doe-foot applicator
The clear gloss was a good consistency that I found to be non sticky. It lost its glossy finish after about an hour.

Swatch of stain without clear gloss on top
I found the stain to be highly pigmented and non-drying to the lips with a matte finish. The only problem I found was that the stain took a long time to dry and didn't really set. When I touched my lips the product rubbed off onto my fingers. I think this defeats the object of a lip stain. 

Lip stain with clear gloss top coat
I then applied the clear gloss on top of the stain. I found that the gloss actually sheers out the stain and makes it slightly streaky. The gloss end should be used if you don’t want such an intense colour.

Overall I liked the product as a lip colour but I wouldn't consider it a stain. The colour wasn't that long lasting so you would need to re-apply frequently.

Mineral Lipstick

I purchased two lipsticks from Elf mineral line. Rosy Raisin and Barely Bitten. They claim to be hydrating, long lasting and moisturizing. All of their mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. There are 16 shades to choose from (£5.00)

Mineral lipstick packaging
Both lipsticks come in this sleek black packaging with white writing. The plastic is slightly rubberized which i personally love the feel of but does get dirty really quickly and leaves fingerprint marks all over it.
Rosy Raisin
Rosy Raisin a light brownish pink with warm peach undertones with silver  shimmer.

Swatch of Rosy Raisin
I would consider this lipstick quite sheer but very buildable. When swatched it comes out slightly pinker than in the bullet. The shimmer is very slight and the formula is very moisturising.

Barely Bitten 
Barely Bitten is a brown toned pinky red with gold shimmer. 

Swatch of Barely Bitten
Also with Barely Bitten i found the formula to be sheer but buildable. The gold shimmer is more apparent in the swatch than Rosy Raisin. Both are lipsticks are similar in colour but Barely Bitten has a deeper tone. Barely Bitten also feels very moisturizing.

Overall I really like these lipsticks. They feel great on the lips and more like a treatment than a lipstick. If you have dry lips i would recommend exfoliating  and conditioning them prior to application as they do sit in the cracks if they are a little dry. I wouldn't consider them very long lasting. If you are eating or drinking they wear off quite easily, otherwise they stay on pretty well. The colour pay off is reasonable and they are a great price. I would definitely try some of the other colours they have in their range. 

Studio Blush 

I also picked up two of Elf new studio blushes. Candid Coral and Tickled Pink. I have heard so many good things about them and how they are comparable to NARS blushes. i had to try them for myself! There are 11 shades to choose from. (£3.75)
Studio blush

I adore the packaging of these blushes! The packaging is very comparable to the NARS blushes they are similar in size and the flip up lid. The only real difference is the feel of the plastic and the clear window at the top. These have a less rubbery texture than NARS but the plastic is still smooth and not shiny. The window is handy to have so you can see the colour without having to open it. Which is great if you own more than one. They also contain a small mirror on the lid.

Candid Coral
Candid Coral is an orangey peach with gold shimmer.

Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink is a light baby pink with warm undertones with slight gold shimmer.

Top to Bottom: Tickled Pink, Candid Coral
The formula of these blushes was very smooth and velvety. They are sheer but buildable with good colour pay off. The shimmer in the shade Tickled Pink gets lost between pan and swatch. The shimmer in Candid Coral shows up much better. If you aren't a fan of shimmer in blush then i would recommend Tickled Pink over Candid Coral.

Overall I really like these blushes. The packaging is lovely and the colour pay off is good. I think they are a good dupe for NARS blushes in terms of their look and formula, although NARS blushes are more pigmented. I wouldn't hesitate to try all the others in the range. For £3.75 you cant really go wrong!

My Overall Thoughts Of My Elf Haul

Overall I think I've found some great products from Elf. My favourite from this haul would have to be the Studio Blush In Candid Coral. The most disappointing would have to be the Cream Eyeliner. I was so hoping it would be opaque and highly pigmented because the colour looked perfect in the pot. 

Let me know what you think of this review and I'd love to hear your suggestions on other Elf Products you recommend and any other brands or Products you would like to see reviews for!

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