MAC Heroine Lipstick & Lip Pencil

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Heroine Lipstick & Lip pencil 
Heroine Lip liner (top) & Lipstick (bottom)
Heroine lipstick by MAC has become some what of a cult classic. It was originally launched last march in their Reel Sexy collection and was highly anticipated for its return in MAC's Fashion Sets collection this year. This year Heroine comes with a matching lip liner, lipglass, eyeshadow and nail polish. Imanaged to get my hands on the lipstick and lip liner.

Heroine is described as a bright violet purple. It is a medium toned purple with blue undertones. It is a matte finish. This lipstick is very opaque on the lips and does not tug or pull when you apply it. It has a creamy texture and does not feel drying. It lasts for about 6-7 hours and does stain your lips as it wears off.

The matching lip pencil has a hard formula but glides on without tugging at the lips. It does not bleed and stops the lipstick from smudging. It lasts up to about 8 hours. 

Heroine is currently sold out! If you managed to get hold of one count yourself lucky. Hopefully we will be seeing Heroine in another collection very soon, if not permanently! I will keep you guys posted!

Do you own the Heroine Fashion Set?

What are your thoughts?

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