Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Graftobian 18 Colour Glamour Creme Palette 
I recently bought this palette for my freelance makeup kit. Many other makeup artists who I look up to (Wayne Goss in particular) consider this as their holy grail foundation on their clients, so I decided I had to try it for myself! 

I must admit trying to find it here in the UK proved more difficult than I had first expected, especially the warm toned palette (the one I own) seemed very popular. I managed to find it on a website called The palette on their website was the cheapest I could find in the UK. 

The palette contains 18 warm shades of Graftobian's glamour creme foundation. The lightest is the shade beautiful swan and the darkest is the shade sienna. There are two other 18 shade palettes one with cooler tones and another with more neutral tones. There are also 4 colour palettes available too. You can also purchase individual shades. 

I paid £87 for the 18 colour palette. Which sounds expensive but when you break it down it works out to about £5 per shade, which is great value for money in my opinion. 
I believe their are over 50 shades that Graftobian carry so there is definitely one for every skin tone. 

The palette seemed smaller than I imagined however this to me is an advantage as it saves space in my freelance makeup kit. The lid has a full sized mirror. 

The consistency of the glamour cremes where incredibly creamy (couldn't think of a better word!) 
They also have fantastic pigmentation. A very small amount of this product goes a very long way! I used half a pea sized amount and I'm not exaggerating when I say it gave my face a good medium coverage. It covered my blemishes well and had a flawless finish. Considering its coverage, it did not feel cakey on my skin either.  When dry it has a satin finish and wore for about 8 hours with powder. I would definitely recommend setting this with a good powder as it did start to look oily in my t-zone and my skin isn't particularly oily.

I have tried a few different methods of application with this product to compare the results you can achieve. If you want full coverage I would suggest a flat foundation brush. As it really packs the product onto the skin. I found it gave me a flawless medium coverage when I applied it with the Real Techniques expert face brush. The circular motion using this brush really buffs it into the skin. Another great way to apply it is with a beauty blender sponge. The stippling motion gives you great coverage without being too heavy.I also tried mixing this foundation into my moisturizer which I found gave me great coverage too but more of a natural finish. 

This product would be great for special occasion makeup such as weddings as it photographs beautifully.

There are only a few little issues I have with this product. The first one is how easy it is to apply too much. I cannot stress enough how little you need to use! It definitely takes a couple of attempts to get the amount right, and when you do you will see the difference! 
My next issue is the way it can transfer onto clothes. To try avoid this I would use a good powder and setting spray. If you are a little dry in areas I would make sure your skin is well moisturised as it can cling to dry skin. Overall I think this is an absolutely amazing palette. A definite must for any makeup artist's kit. Great pigmentation, great coverage and flawless results! 


  1. You can order Graftobian from our online shopping from their website, your transaction will ALWAYS be 100% Safe and Secure.

  2. i cant find the website you listed to order this from :(



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