OCC Lip Tar- Melange, Harlot & Strumpet

Saturday, 20 July 2013

I am very excited to be reviewing three OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tars for you today! Here in the UK, some of you may not of heard about the brand. OCC was created by Daniel Klasfeld in NYC. All of OCC's products are 100% cruelty free as well as 100% vegan. Their range of Lip Tars are an innovation in lip colour. They go on like a gloss and dry to a satin finish on the lips with intense pigmentation.

The three colours I chose from their collection are Melange, Harlot and Strumpet. I found these on a website called www.love-makeup.co.uk for £12 each.

OCC Lip Tars (left to right) Melange, Harlot & Strumpet

Melange is described as neutral terracotta. It is a nude colour with warm peach undertones.Harlot is
described as a popsicle red/coral. It is a bright reddish coral colour and almost neon in appearance. Strumpet is described as a deep red burgundy. It is a deep plum colour with red undertones.

OCC Lip Tar Swatch (left to right) Melange, Harlot & Strumpet

OCC Lip Tar Swatch blended out (left to right) Melange, Harlot & Strumpet

Their consistency is thinner than a gloss and a little watery. This however does not affect their pigmentation in any way. They also have a peppermint smell and taste from the peppermint oils they use in them. Some people may not like the smell however I love peppermint!

OCC strongly advise you to use the tiniest bead of product to achieve complete opaque coverage. Applying to much can result in feathering outside of the lip line and the tar wont dry to its satin finish. This is 100% true. I cannot stress how little you need to use. All three of these shades are insanely pigmented! Even the pictured swatches I have used too much product! Every lip tar comes with a tiny lip brush to aid in application. I found this brush really handy. Its a great size to accurately distribute the product on the lips, especially the around the cupids bow.

On the lips I found they dried to a satin finish within about five minutes of applying. They lasted about 8 hours on the lips. Harlot and Strumpet stained my lips after they had worn off. They do come off fairly easily with makeup remover but they do still stain.

OCC Lip Tar

All of OCC's Lip Tars come in tube form where you squeeze out the product.  The reason for this being that you can mix different colours together to customise and create your own lip colours. The collection contains an array of colours from pure white (to lighten) and intense black (to darken). There are also yellows greens and blues in the collections for the daring and experimental!

Overall I think these are fantastic! They are a refreshingly different and fun approach to lip colours with the added bonus of being vegan and cruelty free. I will definitely be adding some other colours to my collection and I can't wait to start mixing them together to create my own lip recipes!

Have you tried OCC Lip Tars?

What are your favourite colours?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. really like the look of these!



    1. Thanks!
      I can't wait to add more to my collection! Xx

  2. These sound lovely and Harlot is such a gorgeous shade! Perfect night out red lip colour!It's great that they dry in about five minutes too- there's nothing worse than lips staying as they are and smudging everywhere!
    You have a lovely blog and I'm looking forward to your future posts!
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx


    1. Thankyou so much laura! Yes harlot is perfect for a night out! Its so bold and bright! Thanks again for checking out my blog and definitely stay tuned for more!xxx

  3. :o I need these!I think you can get them on Cult Beauty as well! I'm glad I found your review because its hard to tell what the colour is going to be like when ordering online.
    Will look forward to reading more, I love finding new blogs to read!
    Alice xx


  4. Thanks Alice! They really are lovely lip products! I want to buy so many more. I'll check out Cult Beauty too thanks xx



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