Nivea Lip Butter- Caramel Cream

Sunday, 18 August 2013

This is just a quick little post about a lip balm I have really been loving recently. Nivea's lip butter in Caramel cream.

Firstly can I say that this stuff smells AMAZING! It smells like a caramel desert. I really do struggle to not eat it! Secondly and most importantly it leaves your lips feeling really hydrated. Some lip balms tend to just sit on top of your lips and just give them a glossy appearance. With this one I find that it soaks into the lips and makes them feel really soft and nourished. It also doesn't feel to greasy or sticky. One of my pet hates are sticky lips! I like to put this on my lips before bed, and when I wake up in the morning my lips feel supple and moisturised. I think its really important to keep lips hydrated, especially of you like to wear lipsticks. There is nothing worse than trying to apply lipstick to dry and cracked lips!

One thing I think Nivea should add to their lip butters is SPF, as they don't contain any. SPF in lip products is so important and is sometimes overlooked. The sun ages lips just like it does to the skin. If you like to wear gloss on the lips, the lustre of lipgloss can act as a magnifying glass for the sun's rays. So keep your lips protected! Other than that this is a great little tin to keep in your handbag or by your bed.

The Nivea lip butter range comes in three other flavours Raspberry Rose, Vanilla and Macadamia and Original. They are available at £1.99 Available at Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets for only £1.99.

Have you tried Nivea's lip butters?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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