Wayne Goss Brush Collection Preview

Friday, 30 August 2013

If any of my readers love watching YouTube tutorials like I do then you would know that Wayne Goss aka Gossmakeupartist has announced he has a new brush collection coming out! I am super excited by this news as I absolutely love Wayne. He is such an inspirational artist and his videos are always filled with great little tips and tricks. Check him out if you already haven't already!
Wayne has a full YouTube video all about these brushes on his channel. Here is a run down of what we can expect from him...

His debut collection consists of  8 multi-use brushes all made with natural hair. There are some larger tapered face brushes All the brushes are made with natural cruelty free hair. The Animals not kept in poor conditions or killed for their fur. This to me is so important as I love natural hair makeup brushes but want them to be animal friendly! From the promotional images Wayne has released you can see that one brush has a large angled flat top for the application of foundations and powders. There are also a few tapered face brushes for contouring, blush and highlighting as well as an array of tapered crease brushes for the eyes and some smaller brushes for detail like a smudging brush and flat liner brush.

Each brush is handmade by artisans in Japan. The hair is not cut to shape so you don't get any sharp bristles. I'm expecting these brushes to be very soft. (Think Hakuhodo soft but without the hefty price tag!)

The Brushes in this collection are numbered instead of labelled. Each brush can be used in a multitude of ways. For example the crease brushes mainly used for eyes can be used to contour the face etc.

Most of the eye brushes in the collection are crease style brushes. Crease brushes are the most versatile as you can use the side of the brush to add colour to the lid and also blend with the tip.

I cannot wait until I can get my hands on these. Overall I think it looks like its going to be a balanced collection. I'm particularly looking forward to the tapered crease brushes as I have a slight obsession with them! I'm also intrigued by the flat topped brush to see the finish it gives foundation.

Wayne has not released a date as to when we can expect these so make sure you're subscribed to his channel for up to date news. This brush collection will be available on two websites depending on where you are in the world. Register your interest here for the US and register here for the UK and rest of the world.

I hope to give you guys a full in depth review on the collection once they are released!

Which brushes are catching your eye?

Let me know in the comments below!

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