Benefit Rockateur

Sunday, 8 September 2013

This is the Benefit's newest offering to hit the makeup counters. Rockateur is a new boxed blush to accompany the other six in the range. Like all their boxed blushes, each one comes in a reinforced card board box with a magnetic flip up lid. The lid contains a small mirror and each blush comes with a mini blush brush. I'm not a huge fan of card board packaging as after a while it begins to look a bit tatty.

Rockateur is described as a "rockin rose gold" which is a pretty good description. I think this is very similar in tone to their other blush Dallas, although Dallas is a little darker and more bronze. The pan is pretty with a diamond design and embossed with the word rock. When you look closely at the pan you can see the centre of the pan has more of a matte finish to the rest of the blush. When swatched however, there is no noticeable difference in finish.

The colour pay-off is not disappointing and is the same as Benefits other boxed blushes. This gives you a nice flush of dusky pink colour to the cheek. The shimmer is not overpowering and has more of a glowy finish that glittery. I think this would look best on fair to medium skin tones. If you have darker skin this could work great as your highlight rather than a blush as it may be too chalky.

The formula is quite different to their other blushes. It is so finely milled that it almost feels like a cream rather than a powder. I really like how it feels on the skin. It applies very smoothly. Rockateur has equal staying power to their other blushes also, lasting about 5-6 hours on the skin. This blush has quite a strong scent. It hits you as soon as you open the box! I'm not too keen on the scent myself  I do think it is a little strong. A lot stronger than their other blushes.

You do get less product with Rockateur than you do with others in the range. With others you get around 7-8g however you only get 5g for the same price of £23.50. I think this is a little cheeky (no pun intended!) Benefit claim that this is down to the different formula.

Dallas is my long standing favourite of all of Benefit's blushes. However Rockateur is still a great blush for my collection. I have gravitated to more shimmery blushes this summer as I like the glow they give to my skin. If you love Benefit's other boxed blushes then I see no reason why you wouldn't love this.

Rockateur is available in stores now.

Have you tried Rockateur? What do you think about Benefit's blushes?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thank you for sharing this review with us Amy. I am all about blushes!


    1. Your welcome! I hope you found it useful!

  2. I really want this now! Thank you so much! Benefit has the best blushes!

    1. Your welcome :) I hope you like it as much as I do! xx



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