NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Top to bottom: Juicy Red, Tea Rose & Smokey Look

Left to right: Smokey Look, Tea Rose & Juicy Red
NYX Cosmetics recently had an online sale and while I was browsing I came across their Mega Shine Lip Gloss. I had heard some good things so I was excited to try them out. The colours I chose where Juicy Red, Tea Rose and Smokey Look. At the time of purchase Juicy Red was the only colour in the sale.

Smokey Look is a creamy dark peach shade with frost finish. It applies fairly opaque to the lips and the shimmer is slightly apparent. This shade wore for about two hours before I needed to re-apply.

Tea Rose is a cool dusky pink cream shade. There is no shimmer in this shade. This shade applies very opaque to the lips. This shade wore for about two and a half hours before I needed to re-apply.

Juicy Red is a bright cherry red shade. This shade has no shimmer and gives the lips a very sheer wash of colour. This shade wore for about an hour before I needed to re-apply.

The packaging of these glosses is very sleek and you get quite a lot of gloss for the price (15 ml/ 0.53 fl.oz for £6) The tubes are square with a black top and a 3D bow on the top of the tube. I think that was a really cute touch. All the glosses in this range have a doe foot applicator.

The first thing that hits you when you open the tube is the smell. They smell absolutely divine! It is a very sweet scent that reminds me of cherries. I really struggle not to lick my lips when I have them on. In my opinion these are some of the best smelling glosses ever.

I was very impressed with how long some of the shades lasted on my lips. Usually the more opaque the gloss the longer they wear. Lip gloss generally doesn't wear much longer than about an hour, and because they are so glossy I wasn't expecting them to. Tea Rose really impressed me in that department and is my favourite shade of the three I bought.

I like the fact that their glosses are a variety of finishes, some are opaque, some are sheer, some are creamy, some are shimmery. This ensures that everyone can find a gloss that caters to their specific needs. I found all the shades I bought where really glossy but not sticky at all (a pet hate when it comes to lip gloss!).

Overall I think these glosses are fabulous. The colour selection is great (64 shades to choose from!), the smell is delicious, the finishes are lovely and the price is affordable. I will definitely be picking up more shades next time I shop on NYX's website.

These lip glosses are available now on NYX Cosmetics for £6 each.

Have you tried these glosses?

What are your favourite lip gloss shades?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. I cannot believe how shiney they are! Really gorgeous lip glosses! I love the colours you chose!



    1. They really are mega shine lip glosses! I'll definitely be getting some more shades.
      Thanks for reading :)



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