The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer

Monday, 23 September 2013

Left to right: 01 & 03

Left to right: 01 & 03
The Body Shop recently had a 40% off discount code on everything in-store and online, so I thought I would take advantage of the situation and try out some of their cosmetics. I have never owned any of their make-up as I've always thought it was a little expensive... however with 40% off I had no reason not to give them a go! I picked up two of their Lightening Touch concealers in shades 01 and 03. There is a third shade available which is a little darker than 03 which I assume is aimed at darker skin tones.

The Lightening Touch concealers are a light diffusing concealer to be worn under the eyes to mask fine lines, under eye darkness and imperfections. They come in a pen form, with a twist- up base to release the product into its brush applicator. 

The shade 01 is a salmon coloured concealer that has very pink undertones to it. The shade 02 is a pale creamy colour with yellow undertones to it. Generally speaking, salmon coloured concealers work great on under your eyes as they neutralise the dark blue bags under your eyes. I've found that if I use a yellow toned concealer it give my under-eye area a greenish tinge. I prefer to use yellow tones when highlighting the rest of my face such as the bridge of the nose, centre of forehead and cupids bow. 

These pens have quite a liquid consistency. I tested these using shade 01 under the eyes in a triangle shape, and then 02 through the center of my face. When it came to blending I used a damp beauty blender and patted until they where blended out. I found that these pens blended really effortlessly. You could also use your fingers or a brush. They have a light coverage, and build able to possibly a medium. They did a great job at brighten my under-eye circles and giving my face an overall fresh and glowy look.

They have a dewy finish to them which in my opinion adds to their light reflective qualities. I have dry skin and prefer a dewy finish personally. If you prefer a matte finish just set them with a powder. I wore both shades all day and they lasted about 6 hours. It didn't sit in any fine lines under my eye or crease at all which is a miracle! 

The first thing that came to mind when I spotted these where the MAC Prep + Prime highlighter pens. I am a huge fan of those so I was excited to see if these where similar. I compared shade 01 to MAC'S Radiant Rose and found that it was a lot lighter in colour and a lot creamier in texture than 01. Shade 01 is also more sheer than Radiant Rose. I compared shade 03 to MAC's Light Boost and found that again Light Boost was brighter and more creamy, and 03 was again a lot more sheer when blended out.

Overall I think these concealers worked well. They do diffuse the light under your eyes and brighten up any darkness. They are pretty sheer so they won't cover up spots, but that is not what they claim to do. I would have preferred a slightly less water consistency and I do think they are a little pricey. The MAC Prep+Prime highlighters are only a few pounds more (£18) and you get more coverage with those. If you are looking for something sheer but brightening then these will be great for you!

The Body Shop Lightening Touch concealer are available in-store or online for £14 each.

What do you think of these concealers? 

Will you try them out?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. They packaging make them look much more luxurious. I think they may be to sheer for me, however I haven't tried anything that sheer under my eyes but it make sense for hiding fine lines x

    Kirsty Rockit Style

    1. I love the packaging of these. I think they are great for light everyday brightening under the eyes and they really don't crease which is great. If you want full coverage I would say to try the mac prep and prime ones.



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