Makeup Revolution | The One Blush Sticks

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Makeup Revolution The One blush sticks review

Makeup Revolution's The One Blush Sticks* have had quite a hype surrounding them since they launched late last month and have been dubbed by many as a very affordable dupe for the NARS Multiples. Having never forked out a hefty £30 to own one, I can't say how they compare but with Makeup Revolution's offering at a mere £5, I certainly know what I would be reaching to first to try out!

These cream blush sticks are available in two formulas; matte and sheen with four shades in each formula and are designed to be used on the lips and cheeks. The ever so sleek matte and glossy black packaging cleverly reflects the finish of the product inside which I think is a thoughtful touch from Makeup Revolution. The twist up tube feels has a clip close lid which feels sturdy so I have no concerns about travelling with them in my bag. No one wants a horrible creamy mess in the bottom of your handbag! The only little nag I have concerning the packaging is the lack of the shade name on the tube. When your rushing to get ready in the morning the last thing you need to be doing is opening up every tube to find the shade your looking for, and keeping them in their box isn't always practical.

Makeup Revolution The One blush sticks review sheen formula

Makeup Revolution The One blush sticks review sheen formula swatches

(Left to right)

Malibu- Warm toned bronze with gold shimmer
Rush- Warm coral with gold shimmer
Pink- Shimmery mid toned pink
Dream- Shimmery pale pink

The sheen formulas are easy to wear as they aren't overloaded with glitter and are subtle enough for everyday. Pink is my favourite blush shade in this formula as it gives a pretty glowy flush to the cheeks. Rush is more shimmery than pink so I tend to not wear this alone on my cheeks as a blush but mix Pink and Rush together to get more of a peachy cheek. Rush would make a stunning highlight for deep or olive skin tones. Dream makes a pretty pink highlight for me especially in the winter months when I'm much paler. Malibu is best suited to warming up my complexion as opposed to contouring as it contains shimmer. You could also blend it on your arms and legs in the summer months which I think would look beautiful. 

Makeup Revolution The One blush sticks review matte formula

Makeup Revolution The One blush sticks review matte formula swatches
(Left to right)

Matte Malibu- Warm deep chocolate brown
Matte Rush- Vivid coral pink
Matte Pink- Bright bubblegum pink
Matte Dream- Creamy baby pink

The matte formulas my favourite out of the two formulas and I love every single shade! They are extremely pigmented so very little product is needed and a light hand with the darker shades is wise. Matte Dream is the shade I reach for the most which I wasn't expecting as I don't typically wear pinks this pale. As soon as I tried it I fell in love with how subtle yet affective it was. It looks so natural and is perfect for that 'no makeup' makeup look. Pink and Malibu are equally beautiful and amp up your cheeks in an instant. Malibu is a great cream contouring shade and being in a stick form, makes it really easy to place in the hollows of my cheeks. 

All of these blush sticks have a creamy texture that melt into the skin and blend out with ease. What I love about both formulas is that they don't set instantly so you have time to blend them out and really work them into the skin. My favourite way to apply them is by tapping a small stippling brush onto the product. I find I have the most control this way rather than using the stick directly on my cheeks. If I'm in a rush, I use my fingers which works just as well. I was also pleasantly surprised with how long they wear. Without setting I can comfortably get away with around six hours on my dry skin. Oilier skin types can easily set them with a powder. I must admit I haven't tried these blush sticks on my lips as I think they're much more suited to the face. 

This has to be one of my favourite launches to date from Makeup Revolution. They are creamy, blendable and incredibly affordable at just £5.00 each. I love everything about them! I can't wait to see what the brand comes up with next!

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge

Monday, 24 November 2014

real techniques miracle complexion sponge review
real techniques miracle complexion sponge review flat side

real techniques miracle complexion sponge review curved side
I am already a big fan of Real Techniques with at least one of their brushes making it into my daily makeup routine. A few of my favourites being the Blush brush and Setting brush. It has taken me a long time to purchase their only sponge offering but I finally got round to it, and I'm so glad I did!
Image Map

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge -link has been compared by many to the Beauty Blender and is hailed as an affordable dupe. Having not tried the Beauty Blender, I can't give a side-by side comparison. The sponge is designed to be used wet or dry, to give you a flawless base. What sets this sponge apart from the others is its three surfaces; a large rounded side to cover large areas of the face in no time at all, a precision tip for concealing underneath the eyes and for pin pointing blemishes, and a flat side for heavier coverage and to use round the eyes and nose.

I personally think you achieve far better results when you use the sponge damp. I Run it under the tap for a few minutes (it will double in size) then pat off the excess with a towel. The sponge becomes far more 'bouncier' which only helps when it comes to applying foundation. Using a tapping motion melts the foundation into my skin and gives me a beautiful dewy finish. I must admit this method of applying foundation takes a little more time but it's the perfect tool for anyone with dry skin (like me!) who finds brushes can irritate and accentuate dry patches.

The pointed tip and flat side of the sponge work do a fabulous job at concealing underneath my eyes, especially with high coverage concealer. It retains just enough product so you don't get that awful cakey under eye whilst managing to get into every crease and cranny with ease.

The only down side I can mention about this sponge is how annoying it is to clean. Rinsing it out seems to take an eternity and I have yet to find a product that can get every foundation stain out. Being a bit of a clean freak when it comes to brushes it upsets me when my little sponge looks dirty!

Overall, the Miracle Complexion Sponge has left quite an impression on me. I love the dewy natural finish it gives my foundation. Yes it is more time consuming to apply foundation than with a brush but I think the results are worth it. Concealer and cream contouring look beautiful too. It's versatility means I will definitely find a way to work this little guy into my routine. For the bargain price of £5.99 I would recommend trying out this sponge before the (three times the price) Beauty Blender if you're unsure about how you would get on with this type of tool. 

Makeup Revolution | Give Them Nightmares Eyeshadow Palette

Monday, 20 October 2014

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette
One of Makeup Revolutions newest releases is this beautifully dark and mysterious Give Them Nightmares Eyeshadow Palette * -link which coincides perfectly with Halloween! The 18 shades in the palette are a mixture of shimmer and matte formulas which are great for creating a whole host of looks whether you’re dressing up or just love a smokey eye. 

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette
The Halloween theme runs through the entire palette from the creepily named eyeshadows to the colour selection which is predominately purples, navy and green shades. Very vampy! The packaging is in true Makeup Revolutions style with its sleek and shiny black casing. It also has a decent sized mirrored lid which is perfect for touching up on the go.
makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches

makeup revolution give them nightmares eyeshadow palette swatches
The shimmer shades dominate the palette (12 in total) which Makeup Revolution excels at. The majority of them have minimal fall out and amazing pigmentation. The black shades Beyond The Night and Friday 13th are some of the blackest I have seen from a high street brand. The stand out shimmer shades for me are Who’s There- a  stunning  plum purple, I’m Watching You- a rich royal  purple, and Wicked- a striking emerald green. Lethal and Pretty Zombie are a little harder to work with than the others.  The matte shades are definitely worth mentioning even though they do vary in pigmentation and are a little on the powdery side. They are essential for crease colours and blending! The most impressive of the 6 are Ash and Darkness.
Overall, Makeup Revolution have created yet another exciting and unique eyeshadow palette. Even though this is a themed Halloween palette, it’s still great for anyone who loves to wear a smokey eye or gravitates towards these sorts of shades. Purples are one of my favourite colours after browns so I will be reaching for them when I fancy something a bit different.  The shade Wicked  looks so pretty as a pop of colour under the lower lash line and really brings brown eyes to life! The pigmentation differs between the shimmer and matte shades but for just £6 for 18 eyeshadows, you can hardly complain. Makeup Revolution have a huge selection of palettes to choose from so even if the colours in this particular one aren’t up your street, I would urge you to try any of their other offerings.
It’s hard to believe that the brand launched only six months ago as they’re constantly bringing out new products. I’m always so excited to see what’s coming next!

Redken | Clear Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Monday, 29 September 2014

Are there any other girls out there who hate washing their hair? I find the whole process very laborious which is why I probably have the most basic hair care regime out there; shampoo, conditioner and maybe if I'm feeling fancy a hair oil or serum. Job done. I am also incredibly fussy when it comes to shampoo and conditioners as I despise anything that leaves any trace of residue in my hair. I have always stuck to my favourite shampoo Tresemme Deep Cleanse which is a great affordable clarifying shampoo and leaves my hair feeling really clean and fresh.

Recently I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new with the Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. The Clear Moisture range is aimed at normal to dry hair types which has an ultra-light Micro Moisture Complex to help restore, rebalance, and retain optimum moisture without adding weight to the hair. I must admit the 25% off on FeelUnique also helped my decision to try something new!

 Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo (£9.90) -link

First up in the duo is the Shampoo which I have been using for a few weeks now and I can safely say this has replaced my good old Tresemme! The creamy texture lathers up quickly and with only a small amount covers my entire head (and I have VERY long hair!). I typically only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and this shampoo has done a great job at my making my hair feel really clean, lightweight and super shiny. The apricot oil present gives this shampoo a moisturising effect without being really heavy on my hair. For me this is the perfect combination of clarifying and moisturising in one shampoo! 

Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner (£10.85) -link

Lastly is the Conditioner which I have also loved using. The first time I used this in the shower the texture didn't make my hair feel particularly soft but once I had actually dried my hair I was pleasantly surprised. It gave the ends and length of my hair a glossy shine and felt nourished and soft.
Overall, my first Redken experience has been a great success and I can safely say that I haven't used anything else on my hair since! The Clear Moisture range delivered everything that I wanted it to and I have been really happy with the results. Not to mention the scent of both these products is delicious and makes me feel like I've been to the salon! The Tresemme Deep Cleanse I used previously just doesn't give enough moisture back to my hair whereas this does both. This is a great everyday shampoo for me and I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.
FeelUnique is a great place to get your hands on Redken products as they are always doing 25% off sales and are cheaper than the high street and salons.

Makeup Revolution Do Skin Care

Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup Revolution recently added skincare to their never ending product list. Is there anything this brand won't try their hand at? The two new products they have launched are the Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash and the Defence Anti Bacterial Serum and Primer. I was very kindly sent the products to try out for myself.

Makeup Revolution have always impressed me with the way they package their products and their skincare range is no exception. The white and gold packaging has a sort of luxe feel to it and looks lovely displayed in my bathroom. 

Attack Anti Bacterial Face Wash (£10)*- link

The dual pump design combines a cleanser and toner into one making your skin care routine super simple. The foaming formula helps to combat excess oil and ultimately reduce breakouts and blemishes. My skin does feel really clean after using this but I did find that it dried my skin out as I have more of a dry skin type as opposed to oily. For those of you who do suffer from dry skin I would recommend giving this one a try!

Defence Anti Bacterial Serum And Primer (£10)*- link

I have really been loving this serum and primer in one! The infused formula is packed with vitamins A, B, B5 and E to help protect your skin from breakouts and act as a base. It has a thick and creamy texture and feels like a moisturiser which absorbs nicely into the skin leaving me with a smooth base to apply my makeup. I like the fact that it isn't your typical silicone based primer as they sometimes cling to dry patches on my skin. For just £10, this is a really great product and would definitely recommend this out of the two products and I think it would really well work for most skin types.
Once again Makeup Revolution deliver on price and quality. I'd love to see more products in their skincare line in the future.

MAC | Strobe Cream

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A glowing, dewy and fresh complexion is something I strive for whenever I apply my makeup, especially when my skin is particularly dry. One product that has been helping me achieve this in the last month or so is MAC’S Strobe Cream (£24.50) link

This super-powered moisturiser boosts and brightens tired, dull and flat looking skin with its added antioxidants, vitamins and green tea. Straight from the tube, this cream looks like it could turn you into a Twilight character but pink and purple iridescence of this cream is so flattering and when blended out. It gives your skin a beautiful sheen without any chunks of shimmer.

I love to use this cream in a number of ways; Before foundation gives me an all over dewy complexion, mixed in with my foundation gives me the same effect but with a more tinted moisturiser finish and coverage, and finally on the high points of my face before or after foundation to add a natural glow to specific areas.

MAC’s Strobe cream has become a staple in my makeup routine as I hardly ever wear foundation without using this in one way or another. Now that summer is over and my skin inevitably becomes even drier, I can tell this will be a product I won’t want to put down. To all my dry skin girls I urge you to try this!

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Contour Kit

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK swatches vanilla banana sand
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit UK swatches java fawn havana

It feels like I have been waiting forever for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to launch over here in the UK. I kid you not I have been on Cult Beauty's wait list for months! When I got the email to announce it was finally here, to say I was excited is an understatement!
As you may know Anastasia Beverly Hills specialise in mainly brow products (Anastasia herself is the lady behind Kim K's brows) but have branched out into other products such as eyeshadows and concealers. This Contour Kit in particular is one of their most hyped products on Instagram and with Beauty Vloggers all over Youtube. 
The packaging of this kit is nice and slim and houses the six highlighting and contour shades in a sleek reinforced cardboard compact. The first thing I initially noticed was that there was no mirror in the lid. Its not a necessity as this kit intended for makeup professionals but I think it would have been nice to have one. This type of cardboard packaging gets dirty so easily. Finger prints stick to it instantly and I can already tell I will be wiping it down after every  use.
The kit itself contains three highlighting shades, and three contouring shades. All of these shades have a matte finish with the exception of Sand which has a subtle shimmery finish. The highlighting shades Vanilla and Banana are intended to highlight underneath the eyes and to set concealer. Vanilla is more of creamy shade whereas Banana has much more yellow undertones to it. Both of these shades brighten up your whole face and set my concealer beautifully without looking cakey. Vanilla is more suited to my skin tone but I find that mixing the two together gives me that bright under eye without being too yellow. Sand reminds me of a more subtle version of MAC's Soft and Gentle Mineralized Skinfinish with its champagne tone that looks so flattering on the top of the cheekbones. 
The three contouring shades in the kit are equally beautiful. Java and Havana have more warmer tones running through them whereas Fawn is much more cool in tone. Fawn is my favourite of the three being the most natural looking and is the most universal shade in the kit. Java is perfect for warming up my complexion and Havana will be perfect when I'm a little more tanned. I use these powders in the hollows of my cheeks, on my temples, forehead and under the jaw to sculpt out my face making it look much more defined and slimmer! 
All of the shades in this kit are buttery soft and blend like an absolute dream. They look so natural on the skin and even work well when mixed together. The beauty of this kit is that you can customise your perfect highlight and contour to get exactly what you want. I think its a brilliant idea to introduce a refillable kit and the brand are also introducing lots of new shades to choose from. 
Whether you are a professional makeup artist or a beginner at contouring and highlighting this is a must have kit to own. For £45 it does seem a little on the pricey side but when you break it down you're getting six pans of product which I would happily pay £20 for each of them. Since trying this palette it completely deserves the hype and "cult" status. I am in love.
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is available in the UK now from Cult Beauty- link

Products I've Used Up: July Edition

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

This is a bit of a different post for me, showing you what beauty products I've recently finished. I'll give you quick run down of each product, whether I liked it and if I will be repurchasing it or not. It's 
almost like a super quick review! Lets get into what I've used up this month...

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment £31.85 for 100ml
I've had this stuff for over a year now and its only just finished! When it comes to hair oils, this one from Moroccan oil is definitely my favourite. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny. I switch it up between using it on my wet hair when I leave it to air dry which stops it going frizzy, and after blow drying to tame fly aways. What gets me excited the most is the smell, I absolutely adore it. I will 100% be repurchasing this in the very near future!

MAC Fix + £15.50 for 100ml
I bought Fix plus on a whim while I was at the airport duty free last summer and for a little while didn't even touch it. Since rediscovering it about six months ago I haven't been able to put it down. It has so many uses in my makeup routine from spritzing onto makeup brushes for more intense eyeshadow to refreshing your makeup. My favourite way to use this is after finishing a full face of makeup. I love the dewy look since I have dry skin my makeup can sometimes look a little powdery. This little spray sorts that right out. It feels so refreshing and I love the smell too. I already have another bottle on its way to me.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Toner £15.00 for 250ml
I'm a big fan of Kiehls skincare and have been using their products for about six years. This is a really great toner for me as it doesn't make my skin feel tight yet it gets rid of all the impurities and left over makeup. For dry skin girls this is great as it doesn't strip your skin of it's natural moisture. I'm currently trying to swtich up my skincare to try out some different products so I haven't repurchased this. However its a great fail safe to go back to as I know it works for me.

This powder has such a beautiful finish which looks so natural on the skin. Even though my skin is dry I still need to set the centre of my face if its hot or for a night out but it doesn't look powdery at all. Sometimes I use this powder by itself to even out my skin tone a little. This is a holy grail powder for me which I cannot be without. I always have a backup for when I run out!

I had intentions of doing a full review on this pencil but never got around to it. This is my favourite brow pencil because it makes my brows looked groomed but not "filled in". The self sharpening nib is really fine and creates hair like strokes. The spoolie on the other end is the perfect size for blending without smudging them all over the place. Dark brown is a good shade for me as its not too warm which some browns can be that look weird in your eyebrows. This is another repurchase for sure although I would like to try the Hourglass eyebrow pencil next.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found some good recommendations of products I've been loving. If you did like it please let me know in the comments below! I hope to do a post like every month or so providing I've accumulated enough products to show you! 

Makeup Revolution | Blush & Contour Palette

Monday, 21 July 2014

New brand Makeup Revolution hit the beauty world with a bang a few months ago and bloggers all over have been going crazy over their products, namely a few eyeshadow palettes resembling the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes for almost a third of the cost! Makeup Revolution aim to give you great quality makeup without the hefty price tag. Similar brands like e.l.f and MUA spring to mind however Makeup Revolution seems different, I feel like they've really tried something different and really understand what us girls want when it comes to makeup. They recently launched a whole host of new products to their website, one of them being this Blush and Contour palette. I instantly knew I had to try it out and with eight shades in the palette for just £6 I had nothing to lose. 

The Blush and Contour Palette comes in two shades, Hot Spice which has more warm orangey tones, and Sugar and Spice which is cooler and more pink blushes. I chose the latter as I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little as I usually gravitate to peaches rather than pinks. Straight off the bat the packaging is so sleek and professional looking. Just by looking at this palette there is no way you would think this palette costs under £10. Simple black packaging is my favourite and the simple gold adds just enough. With it being shiny plastic too its easy to wipe down and keep clean (bonus!). 

The palette itself contains a good mixture of finishes from mainly matte, to shimmer as well as a baked blush and a baked highlighter. The shade range leans much more towards pinks but I still think the selection is great with more subtle shades right through to intense brights! The first two shades in the palette are more subtle pinks with just a hint of brown. These two could be worn alone without bronzer to create more of a contoured look to the face. These two are also great everyday shades as they aren't too intense. The third shade is a bright bubblegum pink. This is really bright but just a tiny bit on the cheek gives you such a pretty flush of colour. It's so fun and summery. The fourth shade in the palette is a cool toned pink shimmery and is one of two baked shades in the palette. I would say this is my least favourite in the palette as I much prefer champagne and gold highlights on my skin tone. If you have a fair complexion this would look stunning. The fifth shade in the palette is an intense berry pink shade and is my favourite in the palette. I have nothing like this in my blush collection and looks so beautiful when paired with a dark berry lip. I can tell I will be wearing this all winter! The sixth seventh shade are very similar warmer pinks, one being slightly darker and the other more of a shimmery finish. The eighth and final shade is another baked finish with intense shimmer. This is another I was not so keen on as the shimmer is too intense for me to wear as a blush. 

As you can see from the swatches the pigmentation of every blush is superb. The matte shades have a buttery soft feel that is only ever so slightly chalky. You only need to tap your brush into the pan slightly to get colour pay off which you can always build to your liking as they blend out beautifully. The two baked shades have a little bit more of a grainy texture from the shimmer but on the skin they don't look chunky. 

 For my first Makeup Revolution purchase I am so impressed by the the quality of these blushes. I wasn't expecting them to be as soft as they are. My only little nag is I wish they had included one bronzing shade to this palette to make it a complete blush and contour palette. Although you could wear the first two shades as a blush and bronzer in one, for me I find them way to pink and would need to apply a bronzer. Having not tried the Hot Spice blush palette maybe that palette has more shades suitable for bronzing? (Let me know guys!). I won't hesistate to try other products from Makeup Revolution and I'm already eye balling the Awsome Metals foil finish eyeshadows!

The Blush & Contour palette is available now on Makeup Revolution's website -link 

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? What are your favourite products from them? I'd love to hear your recommendations!
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Kiko Cosmetics | Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Snappy Brass & Revolutionary Burgundy

Thursday, 17 July 2014

This is the second instalment to my recent Kiko Cosmetics haul and features two stunning cream eyeshadow shades again from their Boulevard Rock collection (the whole collection is simply gorgeous). These items where also an incredible 36% off on their website so I had no excuse for not putting them into my basket!

Cream eye shadows are something that my make up collection lacks- Apart from MAC Painterly paint pot I don't own any! Cream shadows make a great long lasting base for any eye shadow to sit on top of and can also intensify the colours to make your eye shadows really pop.

These little cream shadows Kiko come in a pretty frosted glass pot with a metallic lid.The pretty little denim box they come in is just too cute to throw away! If you haven't already heard me say how impressed I am with the way Kiko package their products I'll say it again...for such an affordable brand they certainly don't compromise on their packaging. On the top of the lid it also conveniently shows you which colour is inside which is really handy when you're getting ready.

The darkest shade I chose is called Revolutionary Burgundy. It's a beautiful deep purple brown with red and gold shimmer running through it. The lighter of the two is called Snappy Brass and is pale champagne gold with gold shimmer. The shimmer in both these shades is intense but by no means chunky. I was actually shocked by how smooth they where to apply.

Once on your eyelids, they set rather quickly and once they are on they do not budge. Only a heavy duty eye make up remover will do the job. I found it really essential to blend these out quickly before they set so I would advise doing one eye at a time. For a night out, Revolutionary Burgundy creates a smoky eye with a twist and looks stunning by itself or under eyeshadow. I even applied this to the centre of my lid over eyeshadow for a shimmery pop to the eye. Snappy Brass is equally stunning for a night out but is more subtle to be worn in the day time too.

With the current price tag of just £5 (with 36% off still available) I simply cannot fault these little pots of shimmery goodness. There are another eight shades to chose from if you prefer a bit more colour (link

Check out my other recent Kiko review on an equally pretty eye shadow palette (link)

Kiko Cosmetics | Addictive Song Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, 10 July 2014

If you read my last blog post then you would know I recently placed a little online order with Kiko Cosmetics. The main reason why I was shopping on their site was for this palette that was on sale for just £9.00 (39% off!). This is certainly my favourite Kiko product I own so far!

This palette comes from Kiko's Boulevard Rock collection from earlier this year. There are four eyeshadow palettes in this collection ranging from brights, to cool and warm tones. Being a lover of warm tones, I naturally gravitated towards this palette called Addictive Song.

Firstly the packaging of this palette is absolutely beautiful. I love the bright pink denim design with a metallic finish. It's even more pretty in person. For such an afforable brand, Kiko always impress me with the packaging of their limited edition collections. I love how unique the palette looks and how compact it is to store. It's a perfect size for travelling too.

There are five eyeshadows in the palette with a mixture of finishes which can create a whole variety of eye looks from day to night. The lightest shade in the palette is a creamy white with a gold sheen. This looks beautiful on the brow bone, on the inner corners of your eyes or even all over the lid. The next shade is my favourite from the whole palette and is a stunning matte warm brown. This is a fantastic crease colour or for transitioning between eyeshadows. You need this palette just for this shade! The third shade in the palette is a really pretty coral pink with a matte finish. This is a really summer time appropriate way to add some colour into your makeup without being too over the top. All over the lid this colour is so pretty and feminine. The fourth shade is another matte formula and is a rich deep plum purple. This shade is perfect for deepening up an eye look in the outer corners or all over the lid for a smokey eye with a bit of colour. The fifth and final shade is a stunning chocolate brown with a gold sheen.

All of these eyeshadows are buttery soft and have fantastic pigmentation. They blend together beautifully and with the mixture of different formulas in the palette, you can complete a full eye look without reaching for any other eyeshadows (One of my pet hates is when a palette has beautiful lid colours but no matte crease colour!).

If you love warm toned eyeshadows or have never tried anything from Kiko before I can't recommend this little palette enough! It is already my favourite item from the brand so far and this is the only palette I've been reaching for since I got it.

On Kiko's website now you can get hold of this palette for just £9.00 (was £14.90) which is an absolute bargain. Try it and you won't be disappointed!

Don't forget to look out for more reviews from Kiko from my recent haul!
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Amazing Kiko Cosmetics Haul!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Last month I treated myself to these goodies from Kiko Cosmetics and have managed to refrain from trying them out until I had taken photos of them! #beautybloggerproblems

The main reason I picked up a lot of these items was because they were on sale and I had been eyeing up a few of these products for ages! They also had an extra 20% off discount online which also worked with the sale items (bonus!).

I have been a fan of the Italian brand since last year when I tried a beautiful eyeshadow palette (read that review here) and have been hooked ever since. Their products are always great quality, affordable and beautifully packaged; in particular their limited edition collections which they update every month.

When you sign up to Kiko online they give you free shipping for your first month which is handy, and they are always giving out discount codes every other month or so. They also have stores in this country namely Westfield's in Stratford and London Regents Street.

I will be doing individual reviews for a lot of these products which should be up in the next week or so. Until then here is a list of all the things I picked up:
  1. Nail Laqcuer in 358 (Peach) and 331 (Lilac)
  2. Self Tanning Rapid Drops *Free gift at checkout
  3. Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in Addictive Song
  4. Natural Concealer in 02
  5. Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Snappy Brass and Revolutionary Burgundy
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Frank Original Coffee Scrub

Thursday, 12 June 2014

"Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean"

Its not often that I get this excited over a beauty product, let alone a body scrub. But this one right here is a game changer. It has already achieved holy grail status after just a few uses and I can't see that changing any time soon! Every girl needs this in her shower. Let me tell you why...

To those of you reading that are thinking what the hell is Frank? Frank is an Australian brand that has created all-natural coffee scrubs for your body. It exfoiliates and targets skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne and psoriasis. The ground coffee beans are a natural exfoliant to get rid of dry skin while caffeine present stimulates blood flow. This scrub also contains cold pressed almond oil to deeply moisturise you skin, as well as linoleic and oleic acid to promote skin healing. 

Whilst the packaging isn't much to look, at as soon as you open the bag you get this deliciously rich coffee scent with a hint of orange. Its nothing like I've smelt before. The actual scrub itself look like dirt which I'm guessing comes from the ground coffee in it.

When it comes to application its a bit of a messy ordeal. My shower cubicle looks an absolute state while I'm trying to put it on my skin. Frank advise to use two small handfuls to do your entire body which I think more than covers it. I put a light sprinkle onto parts of my body and buff it with circular motions. Its feels really invigorating on the skin and is quite a rough exfoliant but not too rough that I would irritate my skin. For the best results you can leave it to dry on your skin and wash it off after ten minutes, I am super impatient so I've only ever left it on for around five.

When you come to wash the scrub away, your left with a slightly oily residue from the almond oil which makes your skin feel amazingly soft and hydrated. My skin has never felt so smooth and moisturised at the same time. If you're the type that hates that feeling on your skin you can use a shower gel afterwards.

Frank literally brings my skin back to life. It feels so soft and moisturised. I particularly love this for my knees and elbows which always seem to be drier areas. I've even used this scrub on my face and it's never broken me out and makes my skin glow. 

I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love with Frank. The scrub is amazing and the brand in general whole is super cute with their humorous slogans and marketing, and as if it couldn't get any better they are also 100% vegan too!

They two other scrubs available one with coconut oil and the other with cacao which are a few dollars more expensive, but I will definitely be trying them after when I've run out which won't be too long at all.

Frank original coffee scrub is available for $14.95 with shipping to the UK for $6.45 from their website
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