Sigma | Copper Extravaganza Collection Brushes E25, E45 & E55

Monday, 27 January 2014

Sigma brushes have been on my lust list for so long as I have heard nothing but good things about them. I was so excited when I saw their new Copper Extravaganza collection, and having never purchased anything from Sigma I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I picked up three eye brushes, the E25, E45 and the E55 to try out and I will already tell you I am in love!

Sigma E25 & MAC 217
The E25 brush (£12.50) is made for blending cream or powder shadows onto the lid or crease. It has a soft oval shape with fairly dense bristles that give you control while your blending. The E25 picks up a good amount of colour to place colour onto the lid as well. This brush fits perfectly into the socket of my eye and creates such a beautiful blend with hardly any effort. Just use windshield wiper motions and you are good to go! The goat haired bristles are the softest I have ever found and this brush is a real pleasure to use. The E25 is very comparable if not identical to the MAC 217 which is also an amazing blending brush. I have included a photo of the two to see the difference (if there is any!). The standard E25 costs just £10.50 (from UK Stockists Beauty Chamber) compared to the MAC 217 which costs £18...I know which one I would chose!

The E45 (£11.95) is a small blending brush with a tapered tip. This brush gives much more precision that the E25 when blending. The bristles are dense yet flexible which is perfect for adding more depth to the crease of the eye if you are adding darker shadows. I love this brush to create cut crease looks too as it is so precise! Again the natural bristles of this brush are incredibly soft and make blending so easy. I don't have another brush like this one and it is already one I cannot live without!

The E55 (£10.95) is a large flat shader brush made for packing colour onto the lid. The oval shaped bristles are densely packed together to transfer as much colour onto the lid as possible. This brush is amazing! It gives great colour pay off to the lid with hardly any fallout at all. It is a great size for my lids which helps me to pack on eyeshadow quickly when I'm in a rush (which is most of the time!). A smaller version of this brush would be great for blending under the lower lash line!

Sigma have blown me away with the quality, price and selection of brushes they have to offer! Having been a lover of MAC brushes for many years, I don't know why it has taken me this long to try out Sigma when their brushes are cheaper and are better quality! I cannot wait to get my hands on more of their brushes and I have already been eyeing up their face brushes. If you have not tried Sigma brushes I urge you do to so. You will not be disappointed!

Sigma brushes are available from their webiste or from Beauty Chamber for my UK readers

Have you tried any Sigma brushes? What are your favourites?


  1. The sigma brushes are really worth the price, and the copper color is just beautiful!
    Great review, love your blog!


    1. The colour is so unique! Sigma are great quality and affordable! Thankyou xx

  2. Oh my gosh the copper colour is stunning! I love love love Sigma brushes, they're amazing aren't they?! xxx

    1. I can't believe its taken me this long to buy from Sigma! My new favourite brush brand! xx

  3. seriously have to stalk up on these! great review! xx

  4. I love your Blog
    Would you like us to follow each other ?
    if yes, just follow me and let me know so i can follow you back



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