All You Need To Know About Duo Fibre Brushes

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Duo fibre brushes are some of the most versatile brushes that you can have in your collection. If you don't know what duo fibre brushes are, they are a blend of of either goat and synthetic fibres or two types of synthetic fibres that are arranged in such a way to give lightweight and controlled application of liquid, cream or powder products. 

I must admit that I have overlooked the duo fibre brushes I own for a little while, and decided to experiment with all the ways I can use them. I own a few shapes and sizes that I like to use for certain areas of the face and I am always so impressed by the flawless, yet natural look that they achieve! I have compiled a list of all the ways I like to use mine...

When I don't feel like using my fingers to apply primer, I like to use a large duo fibre to get a light and even application. I actually think my primer does it's job better when I apply it with a brush...If you think about it touching your face with greasy fingers can't help your primer to control oil!

This is the most obvious way to use your duo fibre. They work so well with any type of foundation from liquid and creams to powder formulas. Light pressure and a circular motion is the key to perfecting foundation to make sure you don't get streaky marks from the bristles. I like to use this type of brush when I want quite light coverage. For me, I find that a little product goes a lot further when I use a duo fibre and I find my foundation looks a lot less cakey and so flawless!

Using a duo fibre to set my foundation with powder always looks so natural and just beautiful. I have quite dry skin, so over powdering can look awful. A large duo fibre gives me a really light coverage.

Cream & Powder Contouring/ Bronzing
This has to be my favourite way of using my duo fibres. It gives such a natural look to the skin which contouring and bronzing should be. A smaller and more precise brush is perfect for contouring as it gets right into the hollows of the cheeks. An even smaller brush (eye shadow sized) can give a beautiful contour to the nose. For overall bronzing, a larger brush gives a a beautiful all over glow.

When using cream or powder blushes, duo fibres give a beautiful diffused look. Duo fibres are great for blushes that are really pigmented to make sure you don't use too much and end up looking like a clown!

I like to use a smaller duo fibre to highlight the high points of my face. This is great to use with highly pigmented highlighters to avoid looking like a disco ball!

Once I've applied my contour, blush and highlight, I like to go back in with a large duo fibre and lightly blend it all together. I never miss this step now! It finishes off my face makeup perfectly and makes it looks so much more natural. This step knocks off any excess product if you use too much of a heavy hand. Try this once and it will change your life!

A Few Of My Favourite Duo Fibre Brushes 
For beginners in makeup, or for a selection of duo fibre brushes, I would highly recommend the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection. You get three brushes in the set that are different sizes and can do all the jobs I just mentioned. It is a really great set! You can read my review here and they can be purchased from Fragrance Direct where the set it is currently on sale! Another great brand for duo fibres is e.l.f. They sell a variety of sizes from just £3.95 each! The small stippling brush is PERFECT for contouring! If you fancy splurging on a brush I would highly recommend the MAC 187. Its a larger brush and I love it for foundation and bronzing. Crown Brush & Sigma also have a great selection of duo fibre brushes which unfortunately I haven't got round to trying out yet!

I hope you found this post helpful and found some exciting new ways to use your duo fibre brushes! Let me know which ones you have in your collection and your own favourite ways to use them!


  1. I love using my duo fibre brushes for blush and highlight. They allow just the right amount of product onto the brush for flawless application, love them!

    alice xxx
    beauty by alicee

  2. Amazing post so informative! x

  3. Duo fibre brushes are so versatile! When I was first learning to apply makeup, I always used a duo fibre brush to apply my blush so that I wouldn't over-do it.

    ps. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! If you'd like to participate, visit my blog for your assignment!

  4. A good brush set is all you need in life!
    Make sure to check out my blog!




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