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Friday, 4 April 2014

A good flesh toned pencil is an essential item in my makeup collection. When placed in the waterline they can instantly brighten up your whole face and make you look like you had a good nights sleep (even if you didn't!).

This NYX Wonder Pencil does just the trick in the waterline and glides on like a dream with its super creamy texture. I usually have trouble with pencils smudging away and making my vision slightly blurry. This happened when I tried a similar pencil from Sephora last year, however this lasted really well and did't irritate my eyes at all.

This pencil also has other uses, some of which you would really expect from a pencil product. Its great for cleaning up the edges of lipstick, especially bold shades like red that a notoriously difficult to put right when they smudge...we've all been there! Just outline your lip and blend with your finger and you're good to go! On a night out this is so handy to throw in your bag and is a lifesaver for touching up. You can also use it as an invisible lip liner for those times when you don't have one to match the lipstick you want to wear.

Another great use for this pencil is concealer, I dab a few times over a troubled area and blend out the edges with my finger or a small concealer brush. This pencil has really great pigmentation so it really helps with cancelling out the redness. I also use it to highlight clean up underneath my brows once I've finished filling them in. This works so perfectly at polishing them up and conceals stray hairs.

This pencil truly does live up to its name as a wonder pencil! With so many uses it has become a staple in my everyday routine and for just £4.50 you can't go wrong! I know other brands like NARS and MAC have very similar products but at nearly four times the price this is a great budget friendly alternative that works great.

The NYX Wonder Pencil is available here in three shades light, medium and deep.


  1. I've been looking for a flesh colour pencil for my lower lash line for ages and this looks perfect. I'm using a white one at the moment and it just doesn't quite look right. I also love that you're using it for concealer.

    Hannah xxx

    1. This one is really good and so affordable too! White can sometimes look too harsh whereas a nude pencil looks more natural. Let me know what you think if you pick it up! xx

  2. Freaking awesome! I really really need a nude pencil! I've got all kinds of colors but no white and no nude! This looks really good and I want that brightening effect too!

    1. Nude is definitely my favourite over white, much more natural! x

  3. I have this and I love using it just the same way as you do. It really opens my eyes and it looks so much better than using a white liner.

    xx, Malena

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