Frank Original Coffee Scrub

Thursday, 12 June 2014

"Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean"

Its not often that I get this excited over a beauty product, let alone a body scrub. But this one right here is a game changer. It has already achieved holy grail status after just a few uses and I can't see that changing any time soon! Every girl needs this in her shower. Let me tell you why...

To those of you reading that are thinking what the hell is Frank? Frank is an Australian brand that has created all-natural coffee scrubs for your body. It exfoiliates and targets skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne and psoriasis. The ground coffee beans are a natural exfoliant to get rid of dry skin while caffeine present stimulates blood flow. This scrub also contains cold pressed almond oil to deeply moisturise you skin, as well as linoleic and oleic acid to promote skin healing. 

Whilst the packaging isn't much to look, at as soon as you open the bag you get this deliciously rich coffee scent with a hint of orange. Its nothing like I've smelt before. The actual scrub itself look like dirt which I'm guessing comes from the ground coffee in it.

When it comes to application its a bit of a messy ordeal. My shower cubicle looks an absolute state while I'm trying to put it on my skin. Frank advise to use two small handfuls to do your entire body which I think more than covers it. I put a light sprinkle onto parts of my body and buff it with circular motions. Its feels really invigorating on the skin and is quite a rough exfoliant but not too rough that I would irritate my skin. For the best results you can leave it to dry on your skin and wash it off after ten minutes, I am super impatient so I've only ever left it on for around five.

When you come to wash the scrub away, your left with a slightly oily residue from the almond oil which makes your skin feel amazingly soft and hydrated. My skin has never felt so smooth and moisturised at the same time. If you're the type that hates that feeling on your skin you can use a shower gel afterwards.

Frank literally brings my skin back to life. It feels so soft and moisturised. I particularly love this for my knees and elbows which always seem to be drier areas. I've even used this scrub on my face and it's never broken me out and makes my skin glow. 

I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love with Frank. The scrub is amazing and the brand in general whole is super cute with their humorous slogans and marketing, and as if it couldn't get any better they are also 100% vegan too!

They two other scrubs available one with coconut oil and the other with cacao which are a few dollars more expensive, but I will definitely be trying them after when I've run out which won't be too long at all.

Frank original coffee scrub is available for $14.95 with shipping to the UK for $6.45 from their website
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  1. I've seen this all around Instagram and I'm seriously debating getting it, it's sound amazing :)

  2. I haven't heard of anything like this before! Sounds amazing!


  3. I love the packaging and what they've written on the back, very funny.

    Stunningly Inept



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