Kiko Cosmetics | Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Snappy Brass & Revolutionary Burgundy

Thursday, 17 July 2014

This is the second instalment to my recent Kiko Cosmetics haul and features two stunning cream eyeshadow shades again from their Boulevard Rock collection (the whole collection is simply gorgeous). These items where also an incredible 36% off on their website so I had no excuse for not putting them into my basket!

Cream eye shadows are something that my make up collection lacks- Apart from MAC Painterly paint pot I don't own any! Cream shadows make a great long lasting base for any eye shadow to sit on top of and can also intensify the colours to make your eye shadows really pop.

These little cream shadows Kiko come in a pretty frosted glass pot with a metallic lid.The pretty little denim box they come in is just too cute to throw away! If you haven't already heard me say how impressed I am with the way Kiko package their products I'll say it again...for such an affordable brand they certainly don't compromise on their packaging. On the top of the lid it also conveniently shows you which colour is inside which is really handy when you're getting ready.

The darkest shade I chose is called Revolutionary Burgundy. It's a beautiful deep purple brown with red and gold shimmer running through it. The lighter of the two is called Snappy Brass and is pale champagne gold with gold shimmer. The shimmer in both these shades is intense but by no means chunky. I was actually shocked by how smooth they where to apply.

Once on your eyelids, they set rather quickly and once they are on they do not budge. Only a heavy duty eye make up remover will do the job. I found it really essential to blend these out quickly before they set so I would advise doing one eye at a time. For a night out, Revolutionary Burgundy creates a smoky eye with a twist and looks stunning by itself or under eyeshadow. I even applied this to the centre of my lid over eyeshadow for a shimmery pop to the eye. Snappy Brass is equally stunning for a night out but is more subtle to be worn in the day time too.

With the current price tag of just £5 (with 36% off still available) I simply cannot fault these little pots of shimmery goodness. There are another eight shades to chose from if you prefer a bit more colour (link

Check out my other recent Kiko review on an equally pretty eye shadow palette (link)


  1. Omg these are sooooo pretty!!! Why doesn't Kiko ship to Canada?!?
    Today's Beauty Obsession

  2. These look so pretty! Cream eyeshadows are sometimes hard to work with and certainly hard to blend sometimes but these sound and look amazing!

    Alice x |



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