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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

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Benefit have already created the UK's No1 best selling mascara in the form of 'They're Real' which took the beauty world by storm. I really loved 'They're Real' as it gave me really great length and volume, but it has never been my favourite mascara due it to it making my lashes feel quite stiff and being the most difficult mascara to remove. So when I heard about the release of a brand new mascara, I naturally couldn't wait to try it out! Benefit have cleverly teamed up with ELLE magazine this month to bring it's readers an exclusive free tester of their new Roller Lash mascara before its release next month.

benefit, roller lash mascara, elle magazine, free tester

Roller Lash is inspired by old fashioned rollers and how they curl hair, with their slogan 'Its a roller for your lashes!' This concept runs right the way down to its retro style packaging mimicking an old fashioned pink hair roller (full sized tube). I really love the way Benefit always have a specific theme for their products, to me it's what makes them stand out from the crowd and keeps things fun and exciting.

benefit, roller lash mascara, review, elle magazine, free tester

The Hook n Roll brush has a curved wand with shorter bristles on one side which are designed to grab,curl and lift each individual lash while the curve-setting formula sets them in place for 12 hours. The formula contains lash conditioning ingredients such as Provitamin B5 and Serin, is waterproof and apparently easy to remove.

Having tried this mascara out for almost a week I have to say I have really fallen in love with it. The wand does a great job at lifting my lashes right from the root giving them volume. I tend to use the shorter bristles first and then turn the brush to use the longer bristles to add some length. My lashes look nice and separated with no clumps. In terms of having 12 hour wear I don't usually wear my makeup for that length of time however my lashes did keep their curl throughout the day and I had no flakiness or panda eyes at all. My lashes don't feel rock solid and brittle when I wear it which must be down to the lash conditioning ingredients.

When it comes to removing at the end of the day, I didn't have nearly as much trouble as I used to have with 'They're Real'- I simply use a good waterproof eye makeup remover and it comes away with ease.

From using this mascara for only a short time, I already think Roller Lash is a fantastic and dare I say it much better than 'They're Real'. It does exactly what it claims to do by giving my lashes great curl and lift that lasts. I really hope that it gets the reception it deserves when it's released in March and I will definitely be purchasing a full sized tube as soon as I can.

If you want to give Roller Lash a try for yourself I urge you to pick up a copy of this months ELLE magazine before they sell out!
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  1. This is quickly becoming my all time favourite mascara - dare I say it, better than they're real mascara :) Lovely post! x



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